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বুধবার, ২৮ অক্টোবর ২০২০, ০৬:০৭ পূর্বাহ্ন

Increase the speed of wifi internet

  • প্রকাশিতঃ রবিবার, ১৩ সেপ্টেম্বর, ২০২০
  • ৫৯ বার দেখা হয়েছে

Location of Wi-Fi routers: According to experts, electromagnetic waves greatly reduce the speed of the router’s Internet. In that case the user should keep the router in a proper and safe place to get more speed. Routers should be placed at a short distance from devices that have Wi-Fi connection, including TV, laptop-desktop or mobile.

Shutting down the router for a short period of time: Due to the router running for a long time, it is often a hassle to get the right speed of the internet. In that case, you can run the Trouble Shooting Wizard to see if your router has a speed problem. To solve that problem, if you restart the router’s settings, your router will start working at a much better speed than the old one. Also, if you keep the router off for at least ten minutes before or after going to work as a rule every day, you will get good results.

Changing the password: It is often seen that someone else is using the internet by hacking the router without knowing it. But the user does not think the reason for not getting it. In that case you have to change the password of the router and give a secure password. In this case, if an old person is logged in and connected to the internet, he will not be able to do that anymore. Secure passwords will go a long way in boosting your internet speed.

VPN: Some sites cannot be accessed directly. In this case, many people use VPN for many tasks. Using VPN slows down the internet a lot. According to experts, if the use of VPN is not mandatory at work, it is better not to use it.

Hardware upgrade: Internet speed can also be slow due to old hardware. So be sure to use an upgraded model router. Internet speeds on older routers may also be slower. Try using a 5G router.

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